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Wow thank you cloud for discovering this clay, we both love it and use on a regular basis, our skin and looks have improved and we have been telling all our friends about how good your products are.

I suffer from breakouts all the time and have tried many other remedies with that just don’t do what I need, I was told about your clay and thought I would give it a try and im so glad I did as after a few treatments my breakouts have gotten less and less and now are non-existent, I can now finally walk around without thinking everyone’s looking at me so thank you. Your clay is amazing.

Im 18 years old and have really oily skin and using your natural clay has helped me no end, I can genuinely say that the clay really is as magical as you say it is and I tell all my friends to buy from you. I cannot tank you enough.

I suffer from acne and have done for the past 5 years, its so embarrassing when Im not wearing makeup, but I tried your clay and I have to say it really has helped reduce my acne to a very manageable level. Im so happy with your product that I had to send you this testimonial.

I wanted to let you know that I and my partner use your clay regularly and I am personally pleased with it. I use if for a facial several times a week and the texture of my skin has improved visibly and almost immediately. I have even had some girl friends over and we have had some clay facial parties as its great fun to put on and the benefits are super. Thanks a million!

My son has had problems with eczema for years and my daughter with acne and bad breakouts, poor kids so we decided to try your clay through a recommendation, we cannot thank you enough because after only 6 weeks we can really see the wonders and power of the clay, my sons eczema doesn’t trouble him any longer as its 99% gone and my daughters face is amazing, it has given them both so much more confidence. even husband paul loves being pampered with the clay and I thing its terrific for everyone, we even tried it on our dog Susie who kept getting scabs and was always itching her back, but after using the clay over a couple of weeks all her scabs have gone and she doesn’t itch any longer.

I have been using the clay for about a month now and can feel my energy levels increasing. Im feeling so much better and my psoriasis has completely gone. I am so happy and thankful and will keep using your clay and tell everyone I meet how good and beneficial it has been for me. My face feels great and my partner Steve loves it too.

I heard about the clay from a friend in Marbella who uses it and I wanted to just send this little note saying how happy I am. I don’t really have bad skin or any of the facial problems that the clay can help with, but I have to say how nice and smooth my skin is and how I feel younger every time I use it? Cloud really has blessed this clay so thank you.

I met Cloud in Tenerife in 93 when I was working as a tour rep and he used to do tarot card reading for me and my friends, I was so happy to find out that he discovered something special and has his own magical facial clay. As soon as I heard, I bought some and have been buying it ever since, Cloud is a fantastic, kind human being and I felt it important to send a testimonial about him. His clay is brilliant and as its been touched by him then I know its really good. My skin feels great, thanks Cloud, Please buy his clay, because you will only every say nice things about it.

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