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Cloud was born in Plymouth, England in 1967 and first realised he wanted to help people when he incredibly managed to help and save two school friends lives at different events in the same year at the aged eight. He was always interested in magic from as early as he can remember and even stated reading tarot cards from the aged of nine when he realised he had a special gift, he still amazes every person with his accurate tarot card readings to this day.
Cloud got his calling from god at 20 years old and realised that his hands were magical. For the past 30 years he has been traveling, learning, fine tuning, healing and helping people from every walk of life ever since.
He became ordained as a Shaman and Healer of the Tenerife Guanche tribe from the Canary Islands in the early 90’s and has travelled the world.
His clay that you use is 100% hand crushed, handmade and packaged by himself and full of his love, so your not just obtaining the clays magical properties your receiving his clay that he has personally blessed.

About the Clay

Why use Clouds Clay

Clouds Clays is one of the most majestic, most effective and most magical mineral packed skin clays that is found within the global community. It is a non-swelling Clay that can be used for all skin types, and it is a multi-purpose gentle clay that really does benefit your skin and hair.
Clouds 100% Natural Clay have incredible absorbent powers that suck out and draw impurities from your skin and pores. The deep cleansing illite green clay protects your skin and is packed with amazing healthy vitamins and nutrients that are essential for healthy skin.
Clouds natural mud masks helps clear up acne, stops, zits, pimples and blackheads. His clay masks detoxify the skin and will improve the blood circulation and help cell renewal. Rejuvenating, hydrating and pour minimizing your skin.
It is without doubt that it will help make you skin feel smooth and soft giving you a more youthful appearance.
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With your continued help by supporting and purchasing clouds natural clay masks will not only help you and your skin, but will also help Cloud fulfil his lifelong dream to open a healing centre in Spain and to spread peace and love to the world.

The Story of Clouds Clays Cloud (Clouds Clays)

A Shamanic Healer Called Cloud Discovers One of the Best Facial Clays in the World.

Sitting in his Spanish Cave looking out to the stars. His feet submerged in a mixture of cave clay and rain water, he realises after drying his feet how incredibly soft and good his feet felt. He wondered if he covered his face and arms with the creamy clay, what the effects would be and what he would feel like.
While the organic natural clay was absorbing and drying on his face, hair and body he could feel everything tightening and felt a warmth and calmness that the clays energies gave out. After sometime he washed the Natural Clay off his skin and hair and felt incredibly rejuvenated, tighter, and his skin felt silky and smooth and so much more refreshed.
The results were stunning and Cloud's Clay's was born.

A choice of face masks

A Shamanic healer discovers one of the best facial clays in the world!.

Clouds Clays Face Mask
Clouds Clays
Clouds Clays with Sage
Clouds Clays
Clouds Clays with Lavender
Clouds Clays
Clouds Clays with Tea tree oil
Clouds Clays
Tea Tree Oil
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